TE Handcuffs? Strategy talk

Would you handcuff Ertz or Kelce if you had them and had the bench space?

These guys are big parts of their offence with a lot of plays designed for them, and the TE landscape is just not good at all should they go down

Thoughts on this strategy?

meh…not worth it to me

If there is nothing on the waiver that could benefit you then I could potentially consider it for Kelce. I’d do research of who his back up is and would only do it if he’s decent. This is because of the injury to Watkins and hunts released. I could see a KC back up TE still seeing some targets if he’s a decent enough player. W/ hill’s playing style his targets would probably remain about the same and maybe Conley sees a slight increase.

With ertz, there is Tate, Jeffrey and Agholar to absorb those targets.