Te hell again

So after finally giving up on burton I get Doyle and we all know how that went. Who should I pick up in a full point ppr? Thanks again image image

Everett. High scoring offense.

Think he’s good rest of year?

Uzomah got 13 targets last week with Dalton out I expect more out of him.

LaCosse looks pretty good last week too.

There are about 5-6 guys there you could use. Pick the one with the best opportunity this coming week and go from there.

McDonald is probably the most consistent but Everett has the most upside due to the fact of how much they score.

McDonald is banged up. Not sure if he even plays. Everette I can see but he’s had one big game this year.

If you dont have kelce gronk ertz or kittle you are going to get hit or miss guys. Everett atleast has plenty of cchances to score in that offense.

I’m not too sure that Jonnu isn’t one to be looking at as well.

Although, he doesn’t have the best Matchup this week against the Jets.

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Smith really wasn’t targeted much. If he didn’t get the long touchdown on blown coverage he has a very pedestrian day. He has ability but Mariota doesn’t look at him anywhere as much he used to at Walker.


I was just looking at the fact that he’s made double-digit PPR pts the past 4 weeks. So…in a TE pinch…was just saying he’s definitely worth checking into.

Yeah. I don’t hate him if you are streaming. Not sure I like either TE in the Jets-Titans matchup this week.

If Vance cant go Jesse James always has a shot at a blow up game in that offense. With Bosa back there will probably have to be some short throws to him and Conner.

Good point @psychosem17. And he has Oak and NE in weeks 14/15. Both favorable for TE.

Was thinking Jesse two. But if Vance plays he’s not worth the pick up. I might have to wait a few days and see what’s the deal with Vance

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