TE help. 10 Team Standard Scoring

I have Greg Olsen as my only TE. Available TEs are Eric Ebron, Vernon Davis, Charles Clay, Ricky Seals-Jones, and OJ Howard? Start any of these over Olsen

same situation!

i’m leaning towards clay at the moment… (was also a start of the week on thursdays podcast??)

second for me would be vernon davis??

oj howard is too much of a tossup between brate, and i’ve read a lot of places saying howard have to block more?? you could also argue that if he’s blocking more he’ll be on the field more and thus more opportunities as well though.

seals jones… not a fan of the qb situation and just doesn’t get enough targets. (i may have some bias to not picking him up because i have fitz on my team)

ebron… again, maybe biased, feel like i’ve been goosed by him too many times with not enough upside. just too many targets in detroit for stafford, so i feel like the targets are risky.