TE help, did I make the right 1/2 PPR pickup?

Points for carries, first downs, long plays, 3-3 record…

I got Fells, but already have Hyde, Hopkins, and Watson in my starting lineup. I drafted Nuk and Watson and snagged Hyde from waivers. Should I drop Fella for Henry, Luke Wilson, Knox, or risk it with Herndon? Henrdon might not play, and Henry on the road in Tennessee doesn’t look great but he was getting targeted, just scares I am chasing points.

Only have 4 man bench. Gonna drop a defense as I got both SF and the Bills from waiver claims. I might drop John Brown to make room for Herndon or a kicker as Sunday progresses and we get closer to the games, but stunned I got all my waiver claims!

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I would pick up Henry because he’s played at a TE1 consistently in the past. Having a four man bench sucks since it looks like you were holding onto four hurt players the last 5 weeks.


@plem bro you have no idea. I traded for Green week 2-3 hoping he would play, hours after the trade clears we got news about him being out longer :joy::rofl: I had forgone using a kicker to hold extra players with an illegal roster until last week and am 3-3 doing that (all 3 losses I had opponents players hitting career highs in production and my guys fell flat lol). Tough league but it really makes you think hard about roster management.

Grabbing Henry…

I am just kind of amazed I got both Bills and 49ers DST this waiver period.

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TE are more who the team has not so much on match ups. If they value the TE position Kittle, kelce. It doesn’t matter if they they play the best defense at stoping the TE cause they likely haven’t played anyone that uses the TE


I like Henry too. They would’ve beat the Steelers if they would’ve thrown to him over and over. Looked like they were managing his reps. He’s probably off restriction now

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All set, now to pick between Bills DST and SF DST. Good problems to have.

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Haha it’s TOO good of a problem to have. Going strictly by strength of schedule, I’d say BUF.

But this is a little tricky. Worst team in the league on the road. But Fitzmagic has played damn near everywhere so a revenge game is on the table.

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Fitzpatrick hasn’t played a defense like this one in a hot minute.

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Agreed; fully. I’ll admit, I’m up in the air on this one. I was just noting he has longevity. He’s strong if a bit short. He’s sort of a genius (Harvard). He has experience with the Bills. He’s an upgrade for Miami.

And he’s “Fitzmagic the Amish Rifle”!!!

Not that ANY of that will make a damn difference lol. I just like to be neurotic about fantasy. Sorry bud :laughing:

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