TE help for Playoffs round 1

Do I play Ricky Seals Jones vs Phi(32nd against TE), Hunter Henry vs Colts(27th against TE)or Foster Moreau vs Cleveland(23rd)?

David Njoku is available, but I don’t know if he’ll be off COVID list and it seems like a bad idea to play a Brown this week.

I’d start Hunter Henry.

Brevin Jordan???

My first round injury crisis might mean I need someone like him to fill in at TE. Its pretty much Ricky Seals-Jones or Brevin Jordan as best options on waivers.

Hurts, Mitchell, Conner, Hopkins, Thielen, Hockenson all out or possibly out. Incredibly I still have a chance as my opponent isn’t great. But its gonna suck to have half the lineup out when I needed them

You want to know pain? You know how Jonathan Taylor did nothing the first 3 weeks? You know how he had a good game against Miami? Well I thought I was selling high and getting much needed depth when I traded for Hopkins and Swift…

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He is there but I am nervous that Jags are going to play with a whole ton of energy Sunday since Meyer got canned.

Not ideal at all. At the time it wasn’t crazy. Hindsight looks bad. Like when I dropped cordarrelle Patterson before week 2 because I decided nah it can’t be a thing.

I scored 190 last week and lost. Lost Russell Wilson so traded Waller and Conner for Shultz and Herbert. When Conner was still just splitting time and getting goal line. I thought surely he can’t keep it up.

Conner beat me on the next to last play of the game last week.

Hope you played Hunter Henry!

I did play Henry!!!

Dropped RSJ as soon as Heiniecke got COVID