TE Help! Goedert, Hock, Doyle, Cook, Hooper

Botched getting a tight end since a bunch were kept and I waited too long.

Currently have: TJ Hockenson (2nd year breakout with healthy Stafford?) and Jack Doyle (no ebron and has Rivers who likes TEs)

Other available players: Goedert (basically WR3 on the Eagles), Jared Cook, Mike Giseki, Hooper, Herndon and Hooper

Currently have a claim in for Goedert and dropping Doyle

Rest of Team:
QB: Mahomes
RB: Drake, Bell, Coleman, Latavius Murray, Darrell Williams, Justin Jackson (claim in for McKissic and dropping Jackson)
WR: Hill, Hopkins, Golladay,Deebo, Kirk, Jefferson
TE:Hockenson and Doyle

Also need to work on my RBs…

How big a league is this? I feel like your fine here in a 12 team with Giseki or Goedert. I have Herndon in some leagues as my TE2 just as a backup in case he explodes.

I would worry more about your RB depth. Maybe go pick up James Robinson in case that turns into a thing.