TE help Hockenson or Vance McDonald

Hey everyone.
I’m in a 0.5 ppr league and my two tight ends have been injured for this week…Evan Engram and Chris Herndon. I also missed out on Everett on the waiver wire. If Hockenson plays, who would be the better pick up for this week. Thanks for the help!

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I like the Hock alot for upside. It just comes down to if you can afford to wait on his status. Vance did out catch Vanette last week through injury. He didn’t practice yesterday but the media says they’re “managing his reps”. He’s questionable as of right now

I was thinking of holding onto Vance until Sunday morning…if Hock plays then I might pick him off the wire. Thanks.

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Right but that’s your whole dilemma, isn’t it? What if someone gets a claim in regardless of the injury report? Then when you go to pluck he’s already gone. I guess you could do a quick scan if your league to see if you can anticipate it. But if I was a winning owner with some questionable bench cloggers, I’d grab him and not use him just so no one else could take advantage of his upside.
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