TE help in a thin pool

The choice is between Doyle, McDonald, Uzomah, Davis, any Ravens TE in standard scoring.

I’m loaded everywhere else but i missed out on OJ Howard today on waivers… I’m sure if he has a low week he’ll get dropped next week (owner is the points chasing type or i could bye him if needed) and until other TEs get dropped as most owners are holding two still for reasons unknown i need a fill in.

I have a walk over essentially this week which is why i add McDonald and Doyle in there as i wont need them this week to win - my opponent is down AB, Adams, Rodgers and best RB is Miller with no depth.

Who is the play from this bargain bin list of TEs until i can improve the situation?

It’s McDonald or Uzomah for me. The Kroft and Eifert injuries really help Uzomah, who probably has the highest floor simply because of the opportunity and lack of competition at the position. McDonald is the best player of that group though. He plays for a great offense and has big play potential. He has the highest ceiling IMO, and I’d feel good holding McDonald ROS.

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I would gamble on the upside of Uzomah given the injuries to Kroft and Eifert…

Just to add - i didn’t want to list my whole team and make the post an essay lol but i do have Mixon and Green already so while i don’t mind streaming Uzomah this week he’d be a patch as i can’t stack three players from one team and the bye week will kill me.

QB Cam
RB Gordon, Mixon, Cook, Coleman, Kerryon, Cohen
WR OBJ, Green, Baldwin, Landry, Davis
K / DST - Bailey / Ravens

If Cohen or Davis and or whatever TE i grab have good games or big games i’ll try and package one with the TE or just trade for the TE i want after this week - hoping for a big game from either guy as i don’t really need and will drop eventually when i need another D or two for playoff streaming etc but would be useful to use to get a solid ROS TE like Howard or Njoku

I would just pick up Uzomah and not worry about trying to trade anyone…
Eifert out for season, Kroft out for most likely multiple weeks and possibly season, making the TE position completely Uzomah for the near future…

I agree he’ll be a good two week patch for sure vs KC and then TB but in the week 9 bye i’ll have to let him go. The Bengals schedule after the bye isn’t good enough to be starting three skill players from them but yes for two weeks he’ll be a fine play