TE Help - Kittle or Samuels

I was able to grab Jaylen Samuels and was considering starting him in my TE position over Kittle since on Yahoo leagues he qualifies. Kittle has obviously been a TE1 all season, but his production seems to have dipped slightly with Mullens at QB. Do I risk playing Samuels as a sneaky play (RB in TE position) or stick with Kittle? Full PPR

QB: Prescott
RB: Gurley, McCaffrey, Chubb (also have Ware and Lamar Miller on my bench)
WR: Thielen, Sanders
TE: Kittle or Samuels???

Similar situation. Yahoo, full PPR

QB: Brees
RB1: Kamara
RB2: Sony Michel, Jaylen Samuels, Gus, Josh Adams?
WR1: Hopkins
WR2: Evans
Flex: Brandon Cooks
TE: Kittle or Samuels?

I think both of you are in great shape so I would take the risk and go Samuels at TE.

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How did Yahoo let him register as a TE as well as RB?

Anyways, I have Kittle and I think he’s been solid and is in line for a TD this week. However, Samuel as a TE intrigues me. I’d start Samuel Because it seems like he’ll have more opportunity to touch the ball.

I keep going back and forth. Samuel is an unknown. Steelers are saying they will use a committee approach. Kittle has more of a known floor. In my match up I am projected about 55 points more than my opponent. So I am thinking of using Kittle as a safe floor since I don’t necessarily need the potential upside of Samuels to push me over the top if our points were projected closer. However, playing Samuels as an RB in the TE position seems fun!