Te help please please please

Have stuck with burton all year but just worried he won’t hit big. Should I bail and go get a new one. Top picks would be Doyle or Olsen. In a ppr. Please help

Would you drop Burton? Not opposed to that move but I haven’t studied him too much this year.

Yea I would. He gets about 4-5 targets a game. I just looked at his numbers and I’m re thinking it. Haha.

you can add doyle anyways. hes pretty solid in PPR. i drafted him late and he woulda been my tight end if he wasnt injured early. forced me to trade for ertz

dont drop burton. week 10-12 are great matchups. trubisky will be rushed by BUF this week and forced to throw short to Burton. Dont drop someone that you would pick up if they were on waivers.