TE Help, Real Struggle

PPR league, Waller out, Hockenson questionable. Picked up Davis, Fant and Atkins are left…any advice??,

Tenn is horrid against TEs so Fant has upside but I’d roll the dice on Atkins in what should be a ridiculously high scoring game

Put the scoring aside, I feel like Watson is gonna look for Hopkins, Fuller and Stills before Atkins…help convince me

I feel like Fant would get more love

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The defense, putrid as it is, will shift all their attention to the outside and the WRs. Middle of the field has always been a weak spot for them. With the extra focus outside and the constant threat of Watson breaking off for a run, the middle of the field at intermediate/deep levels Will always be there as a safety blanket. Especially when it comes to the fact that he doesn’t throw to his RBs and he has always shown he will not shy away from the TE in the red zone. Stills also might not even play.

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Ok, see I have noticed that Houston’s TEs have 7 red zone targets. What makes me nervous about Akins is splitting those opps with Fells. I dunno who Fant is sharing time with. I really like Akins potential to get into the end zone, but is there competition behind Fant? Flacco sucks, so theres that…

Look at who they are going against and who is throwing the ball. Tenn is a great overall D and the game should be low scoring, KC couldn’t stop a nosebleed right now. Watson is obviously light years ahead of Flacco. Fant has shown flashes but I don’t see that offense doing much outside of a lot of rushing attempts and some short passes to the WRs

I cannot recall where I saw this, but Fant is towards the top in terms of routes run by TEs so far this season. Based on this, as well as the fact that Tennessee is weak against TEs, I’m leaning towards Fant.

dang it Knappsack, McDaddy was starting to convince me, I hate a 50/50 split lol

My bad! For what it’s worth, Akins is still an option I might choose. In my opinion, I’m going to look deeper into snap counts for Fant and Akins because they have Heuerman and Fells, respectively, competing for snaps. After on field opportunities, I would weigh matchups and high implied point totals.

It looks that you only need a one-week rental with Waller being back off bye next week. In my case, I have Herndon in my IR and might need a TE fill in for a couple weeks.

Last, TEs in this range (TE2) are a toss up. You’re really just hoping for a few catches and maybe a TD. Regardless, they are still tough decisions, but that’s why they pay us the big bucks, right? /s

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