TE help rest of season pick one

Cj uzomah
Vance McDonald
Evan engram

Standard league who’s best to have rest of season?

engram probably best but you know the giants are awful, uzomah next but then you have dalton who is hit or miss and there are so many weapons on steelers that vance could go a game without a target I feel not ideal options but thats what the te picture is like this year

I think Engram, but will have a much more conclusive answer after the game tonight and seeing how he does vs the worst defense ever

Ya my struggles exactly- I’m not trying to roster two TE I currently own uzomah and McDonald but engram was dropped, but again I don’t trust anyone on the giants unless it’s Barkley. I’m tempted to run with uzomah since he owns the bengals te job and the weapons are still good but he has gotten a few tds already

Well we can rule out engram hes got talent but Eli is just awful, so Vance or uzomah rest of season?