TE help. Should I take this deal?

Someone just offered me Mark Andrews for Lockett. I have no TE at all and am currently streaming Jimmy G. These are my other WR

You’re hurting at wr with the injuries. I’d rather stay hurting at TE than WR. Cooper rumor could be multi week injury. Lockett should see more targets with Dissly out. I think Knox could be a solid TE going forward, has shown some games with allen.

I’d probably try to give up a lesser WR. Lockett is a borderline WR1 and I don’t know if Anderws is worth that. I’d see if he’d take Sanders/Crowder/Shepard.

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I tried to give him sheperd but he declined. He countered with Andrews and David Montgomery for Golladay

I wouldn’t. Maybe cooper cause he might be hurt for awhile but you have a strong RB and WR core. What’s your record? Does anyone else have a second TE to trade with?