TE hoarder or 2 excellent DEF’s?

(PPR/6 bench spots, opponent has TE on bye this week, my record is 2-4.)

Would you drop 1 of your 4 great TE’s to grab the Eagles DEF that are still available? Curently own the HOU DEF. If so, which TE would you drop???

Evan Engram
O.J. Howard
Eric Ebron
Vance McDonald

Purpose of 4 tight ends is?

I know you have a couple of guys there that were hurt, but try to package trade some of those guys man. People need TEs and they do you no good on your bench.

Good TE’s are so rare that I personally view them as having more value compared to previous years. Obviously it would be stupid to trade with my opponent this week, but I’ll send out some trade offers to other teams.

If nobody will accept my trade, the question still remains outstanding. Which TE to cut?

What is your current defense?

drop mcdonald

Current DEF is Houston and I think they are a good long term option this season.

Pick up Eagles def and drop Houston. Houston isn’t a good team this year imo. Hard to trust a defense on a non contending team for whole season. I am sure there are spots you can play them, but you could find just as many match ups to use week to week if you don’t like the Eagles schedule, but Eagles having games remaining with Giants, Skins, etc. looks pretty good to me.