TE late round picks

I am looking at few TE’s that will be stash and thinking between irv smith jnr, Ian Thomas, Nick Griffin an Dawson Knox for this year. Who would you guys draft? I am leaning towards Ian Thomas and Nick Griffin for now, Gesicki was an another option I looked at but see him being taken by round 10 as my league will be 14 teams this year and we all have two TE’s on the roster. Thomas and Griffin have good TD upside and should get 450-500 yards this year minimum

The likes of Irv Smith Jnr and Dawson Knox will see targets but most likely low end TE2 fantasy value. Dawson Knox will be the biggest risk of the bunch with Brown, Diggs and Foster plus Singletary finishing a top 10-12 back this year, Irv Smith Jnr will takes targets away from Rudolph as past two seasons not been great, but see running game of Cooks, Mattison and Boone the offense driver to win games and manage the time clock (as not sold on Bisi Johnson as WR2 behind Diggs)

What do you guys think?

Is this a redraft? Higbee is my #1 late ish round option

Sounds like you put a lot of the leg work in already, and I agree with it. Also agree with @Asalas, Higbee as a good late rounder, and I’ve got my eye on Fant if he falls to the right price, haven’t started mock drafting yet to see where ADP has some of these guys at but those are my 2 cents for the time being.

Looking at TEs that deep, I lean Ian Thomas. Irv Smith Jr. will be good, eventually. Not yet though. Ian Thomas is in the best position right now.

yes complete redraft and no keepers in league

I have Fant being picked around TE 8-10 and round 6-8, with Goedart closely following him. my league will be 14 teams this year (up from 12 last year) and no keepers so complete re-draft. Highbee will either become a true TE1 for Rams this year making Everett irrelevant, or with the new running game the TE’s might have more targets and see both become invaluable tools as season goes on hard to call. I don’t see the backfield of they have outside of Henderson as great, Malcolm Brown (top 50 RB this year max) and John Kelly will get about 5-6 touches a game rendering him fantasy irrelevant.

Either Way Highbee is a good pick up at round 10-12, Everett high risk at 15 before defence and kickers.

Panthers under Bridgewater far better passing team and will be a steal at round 10,11,12,13, not touching Roby Anderson though!

outside of TE’s looking At Steve Sims Jnr, Tim Patrick, Kendrick Bourne, Benny Snell, Josh Doctson, Cole Beasley, Tony Pollard, Preston Williams, Jakobi Mayers, Josh Reynolds and Dion Lewis as players with high risk but high upside low end of the draft.