TE Mess Need Some Help

So I’ve had to roll with Logan Thomas for 3 weeks after Jarwin went down but i’ve had enough of Haskins.

14 man PPR league and almost every team is holding two TE at the moment (don’t ask), can’t trade for one as the values just don’t work so 've got the below ‘best’ options. Who would you guys take to play now and possibly a ROS play?

Mo-Allie Cox
Thomas (stick with)

Bleak I know…

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Cox is the “best” option. Jimmy Grandpa is also a decent add with Foles taking over.

P. River likes his TEs around the end zone and Cox is the ultimate red zone cushion standing at 6’8”. Cox also seems to be slowly replacing old man Doyle.

Graham is seeing some work and getting some TDs.

Cox and Graham are more of TD dependent options.

Overall, the TE position is currently even more of a dumpster fire this year than last.

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Agreed on the dumpster fire this year, worst for a long time!

I do like the idea of Cox, I might stash him and Graham, only concern is Burton is coming back soon and it could be a mess.

I’ve grabbed Graham at the minute as at least he’s getting high value targets and Foles should be better for him.

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I slightly lean Cox for the fact that Graham will have horrible games, possibly even a goose egg. Cox has a safer floor as Rivers seems to be using Cox and RBs for his passing work.

IND didn’t need Rivers to throw all over the place last game, since the defense scored 14 pts and no starters really played in the 4th quarter (hurt me as a Taylor owner).

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i agree with @recespieces31 , i like Cox the best out of those options and has the safest floor. I think Graham will ultimately be flukey

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Keep in mind that the Colts could be activating Trey Burton off of IR this week and muddying those waters even more. Cox has TD upside, no doubt, and they’ll likely be running 2 TE sets often with all the WR injuries, but Cox snap count and routes run are likely in jeopardy.

Thomas hasn’t been awesome, but might be your best long term play. You never know - Haskins could be the next QB to be benched at halftime. Sounds like Rivera put him on alert. And Kyle Allen made Greg Olsen relevant last year. And Alex Smith has been TE friendly if they go that route.


Valid points well made. Coming at it the other way, when Burton comes back as they paid him and he’s worked with the HC before would he be a viable pick up when healthy to return better ROS value?

Indy WR core will still be hurt all year and TY doesn’t look good.

Probably more of a wait and see with Burton. Like they say IRL for the NFL, when you have 2 starting QBs you really have none… pretty sure in fantasy that applies to 3 TEs from one NFL team as well - i.e the Bucs

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Howdy James! Cox and Akins should be good RoS. I dropped Cox after they brought in Burton thinking Cox would just never get his shot. Now I am really regretting it.

I think there is something to Sample as well. Do not give up on him after last week. I think TE is going to be important to Burrow this season. He’s already shown it 2 of 3 weeks.

Hey @octoberland long time!

I’ve still got Graham in at the moment, just waiting to see if any other TEs hit the wire tomorrow with a few teams in the league needing fill in for Titans/Steelers guys.

If not I’ll have my pick of this bad bunch haha. If I see it again from Sample I may buy in, but then if Foles looks for Graham often and in the red zone then I might roll with him tbh. Unless someone is getting 8-12 looks at TE most are TD or bust at this end of the spectrum anyway

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Agreed on usage. Feels like TE is always catching a falling knife. I try to not chase points but it seems like if you see usage (like Graham) it’s at least signs of life!

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