TE or WR for Flex

NPPR League:

Starting TE is Jimmy Graham

My only Flex options are Jason Witten (TE) or Cooper Kupp (WR)

Let me know what yall think.

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I typically don’t like starting two TEs, but if Kupp is really your best alternative, I’d probably go with Witten :frowning:. I take it byes and/or injuries are taking their toll?


With Janoris Jenkins suspended I’d give Cupp a go as potentially high upside play.
Written is also good with cowboys not having Zeke Prescott might have to pass more and Dez hasn’t been himself lately.


I have a feeling that Gurley is going to dominate that game. I might go with Witten as well.

I agree. I also think Witten is going to be heavily involved moving forward.

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Thanks, and yes lots of players on bye week.

I just dont like playing a TE in my flex but options are limited. I do think Witten does have more upside.

But Washington’s pass D is in the top ten and NYG pass D is bottom tier.

Witten vs Wash
Kupp vs Giants

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While that is true, I don’t think they have full confidence is Goff quite yet so if they get ahead there may not be many targets to go around. And, if there is, Watkins has been a squeaky wheel for some time now.

This is a close decision and I can’t imagine if you choose wrong there will be a huge gap between them.

I don’t love it either, but I think he has the higher floor, and ceiling. Kupp is a nice player, but I just can’t trust him yet.

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