TE or WR for my 3rd pick

I’m drafting out of the 2 spot this year in a 12 man non ppr 1qb/2rb/2wr/1te/1 flex

My main strategy right now is to go RB/RB to start my draft.

Where I’m concentrating on right now is my strategy for my 3rd pick.

Do I look at taking either Waller or Kittle, or look at a WR? Thomas, AJ Brown or Jefferson should be there.

I’ve been mocking a combination of Cooper, Godwin, Lamb, and Woods for my 4/5 turn.

If you’re listening to the Ballers, they would tell you to “stay water”. If someone like Davante Adams drops to you in the 2nd, you’ll want to take him there.

You’re right… You always need to stay flexible. But I like to have strategies for all circumstances.

In this instance would you prefer to start rb/rb/te and end up with 2 rbs and either Waller or Kittle or go rb/rb/wr and end up with Thomas, Brown, or Jefferson.

If I start rb/rb/te most times there isn’t a rb or qb that I like with the 4/5 turn and I will end up grabbing 2 wrs.

The majority of my drafts will either end up starting like this

1 - CMC or Cook
2 - CEH or Harris
3 - Waller or Kittle
4/5 - a combination of Godwin, Cooper, Lamb and Woods

1 - CMC or Cook
2 - CEH or Harris
3 - AJ Brown, Jefferson, Thomas

If I start with going rb/rb/wr I need to figure out what to do with my 4/5 turn. I would probably either go wr/wr or te/wr.

I always will have pivots available.
If Ridley, Diggs or Adams fall I will probably grab one of them.


If a combination of Mixon, Harris, and CEH are available at the 2/3 turn I will probably start rb/rb/rb.

I will prepare for those type of drafts later.