TE play help?

Do I play Rudolph against CLE? or Hunter Henry vs NE? Full pt ppr

Both are great starts but I would go with Rudolph.

The patriots defense just got weaker with heightower out. I go with Henry. You can’t really go wrong with Rudolph either though. A healthy diggs helps the other receiving options.

I’ve also got Rudolph, but really torn on whether to play him or my other TE ASJ. Starting ASJ…should I be re-thinking this? I know Kyle has the better match-up, but…just not having a lot of confidence in him this year.

PPR 10-team

Asj is so consistent this year. I usually go with that rather than playing match ups.

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I think between the two…tho it’s a hard call…I’d have a hard time sitting Henry this week. LOL…as per my previous post…I’m really torn on my TE situation as well…also involving Rudolph.

I know…me too. Just so worried that ASJ is gonna hit his slump this week. ATL DEF/ST is usually pretty quick vs TE…even tho they can’t seem to do much else. LOL

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True I usually start em until they slump lol

Hunter Henry against Pats-All Rudolph ever does is let me down and I hate London games-

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Very well said my friend. My same prob with Rudolph this year. In fact…just heard that Clay might be back in a couple of weeks. (Had him then picked up ASJ when Clay when down) I’ve got ASJ…FOR KEEPS…and if Clay suddenly bounces back and seems to be good to go…BYE BYE RUDOLPH!!! I’M DONE, I’M DONE, I’M DONE!!!

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You heard anything about DJ and that wrist? I heard he may not play again this year if Cardinals are not in playoff contention??? I Need to drop him and move on if so-

YEP…just heard a post about an interview from DJ himself that said he didn’t know if he’d be back at all this year. And even if he DOES make it back…I wouldn’t look for him to be himself. If I had him…TBH…I wouldn’t feel bad about not holding a “spot” for him and give up the chance of putting someone else in that might have a GREAT chance of getting you a P/O spot!!!

He just went into a cast.

Thanks for all the feedback… think I’ll go with Henry! Rudolph just hasn’t been the same with all the flip flops at QB

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My thoughts exactly!!! I grabbed Rudolph early in the draft. Been kicking myself all season. Granted…not necessarily “his fault”…then again…even before Stafford went down…not the usual Rudolph production!!! Just a thought there…!!!

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