TE problem

Full PPR dynasty 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 3 FLEX

My TEs are Ian Thomas, Greg Olsen, Jordan Atkins, and Foster Moreau.

My RBs are Ekeler, Hunt, Michel, Mostert, Penny, and Hines.

I was offered Jonnu Smith and the 2.11 rookie pick for Penny.

I was also offered David Njoku for Hines and the 3.08.

Which deal is better?

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I’d be on the penny deal for sure and I’m personally optimistic about Moreau

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I am with @CoachSchneider on this one. Between the two, I would take the Penny trade. I just landed Jonnu as a throw in on a trade, and he was the piece I wanted most. I think he is set up for a good run.

Hines I think might be in for a big usage bump and you can move him in season for far more, if you feel like moving him.

Moreau is the main reason I am fading Waller. I think he eats into the workload and is an underrated TE. Might take another year, but he is one I’d like having in my stable.

I like the Penny deal out of those two, personally