Te purgurtory help!

Hock OUT, Muth most likely OUT. Help me choose from this nightmare of a pool . FULL PPR

Jared Cook



Evan engram


Seal Jones


Moreau (if Waller doesnt play)

Is this ppr?

yes full ppr.

These are some gross options.

In needing to choose one, I personally would go with Conklin or Cook. Both have TD upside on good offenses. However, I would not feel all that great starting either one, but they are the ‘best’ of the choices imho.

Moreau or Conk.
I like cook but he’s only on field about 50% of the time, maybe that goes up with that Parham concussion, idk.
Conk has a good game environment…but I’d monitor Thielens health. You’d think Cousins would bounce back this week too…

Moreau is on the field about every snap and gets lots of targets but that game could be knock down drag out.

I lean Moreau

Conk or Cook are probably the safest out there
Moreau and Uzomah intrigue me as swing big plays Baltimore has been terrible in allowing big plays and hes done it a few times but super hard to call those in the playoffs…

Good luck!