TE Question

Options are Doyle, Seals-Jones, Cook, ASJ


If ASJ is healthy i feel like you got to start him, to much value

ASJ practiced in full today… NYG are historically bad at guarding the TE position and even shown so in pre season when Njoku went ham. If not I like Seals-Jones too but he was only targeted once in the 3rd preseason game so I hope he is more utilized. Baby hands Doyle is going to be one to watch as he splits time with newly acquired Ebron. If Doyle was doing his job then Indy would’t have brought Bron Bron in…

ASJ all the way

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I agree with you 100%. ASJ healthy is far better then the other two

Thanks for the replies. Yea I think I’m leaning ASJ. I like the upside of RSJ but too much risk in week 1. Indy TE is probably the best if it was 1 of them, but who gets it, and it might just be spilt between both of them all year.

In a like situation but njoku is an option for me. i know he is prob the better pic, but RSJ upside with sam bradford and his limited options, really tempt me to make the risk play. Of course goal is to win but sometimes fun of a player u can make a seal for everytime he catches a pass is tempting.

Start Doyle. Bengals are horrible vs TEs and Doyle is going to probably be the top target for Luck to ease him back into things. He burned them last year with Brissett at the helm.

After that, i’d say ASJ > RSJ.

I say RSJ. I just think Bradford loves his tight ends too much. My opinion but I love the boom or bust type too.

Giants are also terrible aginst the TE. And ASJ is a much better player then Doyle and has a higher celing in my opinion.