TE/RB Trade offer (Kittle+Mack for Burton+R. Freeman)

So I just got offered the following trade:

I get Kittle and Mack
I send Burton and R Freeman

I already have Gordon, Fournette/Yeldon, and Chris Thompson as my RB core. 10 team, standard.

I’m so torn, I love Kittle’s usage and upside and I rewatched his snaps, he could be THE guy. Thoughts?

Ugh, I think I have to take it.

Personally it’s no way for me. Burton has just as much upside as Kittle in my opinion. It’s been one week. And Royce is way better than Mack.

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I agree to go get Kittle. He’s gonna he a good guy to have. Plus, you don’t need RB help.

Seems like an overpay. Don’t tilt on one game. Even if Kittle ends up being THE GUY, Burton should be more than fine (and you can always stream TEs in a 10 teamer). And Freeman is way more valuable than Mack.

If you really want Kittle I’d try to get more than Mack v freeman

I’d say no. You’re selling both Burton and Freeman low and buying Kittle high based on week 1 performances. By the end of this weekend Burton could be worth more than Kittle again, like he was a week ago.

Didn’t tilt, stuck with it and am happy.

Would still like to see more Freeman on the field though and a few more down field targets for Burton.