TE Rest of Season?

Currently have Hooper and Engram and I plan to cut at least one, in a standard league.

There are some other options but I dont think any are better (Dickson, Jesse James, Uzomah)

Curious who y’all think is the best choice, none really have great schedules or great teams so its a difficult choice.

At this point in the season you’re kind of stuck on TE. I think I’d hold Engram in this case. Especially if they make a switch at QB, Engram could be a nice safety blanket for a new QB. The case could certainly be made either way though.

Engram is the greater talent by a wide margin, a very wide margin.

However Hooper plays in a far superior offense and for a team in a playoff hunt. The consensus will be Engram here but i’ll be surprised if there is a big difference in total points between the two by years end.

For fantasy playoff purposes, i’d rather have Hooper.

Thanks both, I was feeling the same way.

I actually like Uzomah as well but willing to let him sit on FA for a few weeks, he has a decent schedule end of season and if Green is out for any extended period he could be a great option to have

Uzomah will be the greatest beneficiary of the AJ injury IMO.


Hooper or Uzomah, who would you rather stash as backup TE from here? My starting TE is Engram

Uzomah might be the way to go there, hooper might be a flash in the pan and Engram is on a poop offense

Uzomah and Engram have preferable schedules for TEs.

Hooper has a good matchup this week but is then going against teams in the bottom 8 for TE points against (or worst teams to face if you are a TE). his only great matchup is week 16 so you should just drop him and if you make it to week 16 then he should be on waivers

I am going Engram for a couple weeks and then Uzomah is going to have a good stretch the end of year. Especially if Green isnt back soon or isnt as available

I’m in the same predicament in a standard league. I need to win this week to keep a shot at the playoffs. Would you suggest trading Mike Evans for Zach Ertz? My TE’s are Burton and Doyle. My WR’s are AB and Devante Adams and I just got Keenan Allen for playoffs so I can afford to part with Evans if I need to

ppr league for me. I have Vance and Rudolph with zero Faab left lol Uz was just dropped today, I guess i’ll drop Rudolph to see if I can claim Uz in a couple of days. TE options are not appealing.

Unless Doyle is on the wire I think you are stuck with what you got.

Yeah I would, but you could also package the extra TE because you dont need all of those if you have ertz

Uz might be a really good option

Uzomah stinks. He only put up points because he had 1 catch for a touchdown. They won’t throw to him. Hooper gets production seemingly all the time.

Yeah. If you have Ertz try to deal all the others and then grab Dallas Geodart to handcuff Ertz just in case if you want to play it safe. He will have good value if Ertz misses any time.

He is the 22nd ranked TE this year in terms of scoring, not to mention he started as a 3rd stringer.
He has the 7th easiest schedule in terms of TE fantasy points allow for the rest of season.

In 2016 When AJ Green ended the season on an injury, Eiferts share increased. Over those five final games of the fantasy season he had 16 receptions, almost 200 yards and 4 TDs. Thats 12 pts/game for a TE.

Not saying Uz will get this same amount but cincy will surely lean on their TE with Green out and a slew of favorable TE matchups.

Now you have to worry about it being Driskel throwing to him instead of Dalton.

No predicting injury. I just saw it had been commented on in my feed and was like oh well now CJ has one more thing hanging over him the ROS with Dalton on IR now. The situation has changed. It’s worth commenting on. Will Driskel lean on TE even more now?

Don’t be a jerk man. Everyone here has been cool so far. You should be glad someone would care enough to come back and follow up. I guess with you next time I wont.

And sorry I thought you were the guy that said uzomah stinks and were coming back to sya I told you so… My bad

Nah. I was simply stating minus Dalton the situation can be revisited. CJ might have additional value with a less experienced guy behind center needing a safety blanket. I still see him as volatile but he is a guy that might still be on the wire some places. His targets jumped to 13 this game.

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