TE ROS Seals or?

I currently have ASJ and Charles Clay. I like the way Seals-Jones has looked the last two weeks. 3 for 54 and 2 TDs and 4 for 72 and 1 TD. Would you drop ASJ or Clay to pick up the Seal Or stick with ASJ and Clay?

I’m leaning the same way. He is trending.

WOW…I’m really interested in the general concensus on this one!!! I have ASJ…and… Rudolph. Been playing Rudolph last few weeks. Wondering if it’s worth holding onto ASJ or has he spent his potential this year??? Just barely sniffing the Play Offs. In 6th place right now. Playing the first placer this week. THIS WEEK could make or break!!!

I’ve got Engram, who has been off and is now an even bigger unknown. I’m holding him but putting a claim on Seals.

Then you need a player with high upside not a safe floor? I put a waiver claim on this guy too. I’m dropping Olsen. I am too in first place. But the next three teams look dangerous.


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Almost same situation. I rostered Olsen only to be a bust last week. ASJ is my back up. Is Seals-Jones a good waiver pick up instead of Olsen?

Don’t know if I should trust him again. Team said he was “OK”. We trusted him the first time though.

Hahahahahaha!!! Love the seals.
Seals, ASJ, Clay, Olson: Rank them.

Schedule rest of season…



Olsen: (hard schedule)

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Movin on up


Honestly I’m just waiting to find out. Gonna try starting Seals ahead of Engram until I know more

Maybe I’m a bit of a homer as a Jets fan, but I have to go ASJ, Seals, Clay then Olsen. Olsen is hurt, so I don’t think you can trust that he’ll be productive. ASJ consistently gets red zone targets; even when he drops the ball, McCown goes to him. Seals looks like a legit playmaker. Clay made his hay this past week on a single big play. Outside of that, he hasn’t been productive in weeks.


I agree Olsen is hard to trust and that’s a hard injury to come back from. I would want to see what he does before I trusted him in the playoffs and I don’t think it’s worth it.

ASJ has the most stable roll and receives the most targets but he’s probably the most unlucky. I can’t believe he keeps getting touchdowns taken away at home.

Seals and Clay have so much upside but our sample size is small at this point. It’s hard to trust Seals after just two games but it just feels so good!

Clay has a good rapport with Tyrod and if they click I think he could be the best out of the four but with Tyrods situation it’s shaky.

Who would you start this week?
Would you roster 2 TEs?

I would drop clay for him for sure. Clay has looked hobbled and now Tyrod is hobbled. I’m out on him. I love Ricky seals jones upside and I actually dropped clay for him 2 weeks ago. As for ASJ he’s solid but his yards per catch severely limit his upside. I dropped him for Anderson this week. He’s a catch first tight end and with fedorowitz and Bruce Ellington headed to IR he’s going to have a lot of snaps/targets going his way. If you can’t block you line up outside to draw a linebacker off so I Love his upside as well. Just have to deal with Tom Savage sucking.

Love the comment. I actually just dropped Clay and ASJ for Seals and Anderson! LOL. Put in 2 waivers, didn’t think they would both go through.

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Would you keep both Seals and Andreson or pick up a QB stash or handcuff?

I’m asking myself Seals-Jones vs Jared Cook.
Most have Cook projected higher, especially because of what a great game he had vs Chiefs the first go round. I’m leaning Seals-Jones as well now so I’d probably recommend the same.
Clay, No cuz no Tyrod
ASJ, Maybe. Depends on if you believe hes going to be used in the REDZONE. The last 4-5 games TE’s overall have scored over 10 points against the Denver Broncos except Oakland (Jared Cook)

I’ll Go in on Seals-Jones with ya. Ride or Cry lol

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