TE streamer help!

Stream Allen with Gronk out or Everett vs the 49ers with Kupp out?

Are those the only 2 available?

Clay is also available but there aren’t too many, most people in my league r holding two tight ends

Those are all pretty gross options. This one’s kinda gut call man. I’d probably go with allen. Rams are probably pound the ball on the ground and Everett has seen much work at all.

Gates? Watson? maybe even Swaim?
I would take any of those guys over the 2 you mentioned if avaliable purely because they should at least secure 2or3 catches

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Gates or Swaim??? Which do u prefer??

easier matchup and a matchup more likely to favour passing.
Also i based my reccomendations off who i saw avaliable in my league. if uzomah or hooper was avaliable in your league i would jump on one of those guys before the others, in that order

so if uzomah is there get him, if not grab hooper

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They got picked up already haha