TE streaming data

I am personally a believer in streaming both qbs and tes. I generally wait till double digit rounds to draft both. I’ve had success doing it because I draft for high upside, not safety. When it doesn’t work, and sometimes it doesn’t, I feel like streaming gets me adequate numbers that are offset by the studs that I was able to get in place of drafting a web or te high.

My question, is there a relationship between te performance and strength of defense against te? QBs are notorious for having better games against bad defenses. I would assume that there are some defenses that are poor against te (Arizona a few years ago). Do te numbers spike in those games? I don’t know where to look for the data. Wondering if anyone has any ideas.

It does happen, last season the Giants and Browns were particularly vulnerable against the TE. I think the Giants allowed a TE TD in like 14/16 games or something like that. I’m not sure where to find past data on it though.

Thanks. If I find a spot I’ll make sure to post.

something like this?