TE talk- Kittle or Howard ROS?

I have Kittle and picked up Howard a little while ago. Some trade talks for TE’s in my league, think better long term to deal Kittle to get a better player (hopefully an RB) and then stick with Howard rest of season?

This is tough for me. I definitely value Kittle over Howard. Kittle is the number one option in the SF offense, is performing week in and week out, and has good chemistry with CJ. Howard is not fr behind though. guys averaging massive yards per game (think somewhere between 60 and 70) and has TD upside every week, as we know Winston loves his TE’s. That being said TB has so many weapons its hard to predict whos going to eat any given week.

Tampa is past their bye, and SF is not so Howard may be the one to keep, especially because Kittle is probably valued higher. I would shop both and see what could net you the biggest upgrade. hard to say without knowing league scoring, your roster, and other teams needs but thats what i would do.

Long story short. no need to keep both. both are great options rest of season. trade which ever one gives you the best return.

That’s what I was thinking, the bye makes a big difference for me and I think I can get more with Kittle. Three teams have interest and the RB’s I’m looking at are Howard, Richard, Mack, Lamar, Kerryon, Tevin, and Chris Carson. A lot of names haha which ones would be best? Hard to sift through pretty similar players.

Kerryon, then either Tevin or Mack. However, if Cohen goes down Howard becomes the best back imo. idk alot of question marks.

Its so tough to say with the information you gave. you didnt provide your roster, scoring format, or really anything. all you asked was what tight end to keep and which to trade haha.

Yes you are right my fault this was happening pretty quick! 12 team Half point ppr, been grinding this year lots of turnover! Roster:
QB: Mahomes
RB: Cook, Conner, Crowell, Dion Lewis, Yeldon
WR: Sanders, Landry, Golladay, Godwin
TE: Kittle, Howard

Obviously this is totally league dependent, but id be moving kittle and one of your rbs for a locked in RB1 or high end rb2 with upside. you cant trust cook with that hammy and you dont have him until week 11. see if anyone still has hope. you need a stud. you dont have cook for 3 weeks and who knows if he comes back healthy and doesnt get reinjured. connor could theoretically be benched any given week, and while i think hes a stud and i hope he keeps going, you ahve to be realiatic about leveon returning and at best it turn into a timeshare and even worse, deciding to start or sit connor. and after that youre relying on crowell who is trending upward after the powell injury, but is on the jets… cant trust lewis on the crappy titans and in that offense with henry. and yeldon is now in a timeshare with hyde and will be phazed out completely if fournette is ever healthy this season.

again this is all my opinion so take it for what you will. but you need a locked and loaded every week running back to solidify your core. You have nice receiver depth, and while sanders is performing great, you dont have that big stud (the browns, thielen, julios, objs etc) that you can rely on weekly there as well.

I’m doing what i can to get a stud running back. that will be up to you depending on your league. look at the bottom feeders rosters and try to catch a tilting owner and snag yourself a RB.

For sure agree with you about getting a lock and loaded RB! Only problem is I’m the bottom feeder haha my first four picks were Leonard, Keenan, Collins and Larry so I’ve flipped all of them for my current roster. You think target like a Mixon or a David Johnson?