TE to pick up

Have Hurst and Hockenson. Full PPR

Thinking of dropping Hockenson and picking up Graham . Seems like he gets alot of run.

Also available Cox , Thomas, Ebron.

I honestly think of the 4 i would rather have Cox, but Grahm would be my second choice.

I still think i’d start hurst over all of them though

Would you hold Hockenson over adding Cox or Graham.

The issue with Hockenson, is Babytron is back and had a pretty solid day. His value goes down now that Golladay didn’t suffer a set back and looks to pick up where he left off last year.

Uhmmm, probably, just because he’s been consistent, but Graham is getting a new (better) QB and Cox has been great the past 2 weeks so It’s really personal preference, they’re all in the same “tier” so to speak at least in my eyes.

I’d pick Cox out of all of them, but only over Hockinson by a slight margin

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I would go for Cox… the possible upside is pretty high

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