TE to stream this week?

Reed is our and I am playing a powerhouse. Eifert / Ebron / Watson are all out there. I am dancing between Eifert and Ebron. I cannot decide. I really need to get points from this position. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!

Im in the same boat with Reed out. I’m playing Ebron especially with Doyle out, he could see north of 8 targets again this week.

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I am also debating a trade for Njoku and Baker in exchange for Reed. This league hordes QB and I am streaming. Just lost Garopolo.

But you think Ebron this week? It feels like his hands are better, but I have a hard time forgetting all the heartbreak of dropped / missed catches. Any thoughts on that?

I think Ebron has the better upside, he has been getting more snaps this season 88% vs Eiferts 65%. Ebron also has more overall targets and the better match up.

Im going Tyler Eifert all the way. He has more upside to get multiple touchdowns. Vegas has the CIN VS ATL game as the highest scoring at 54 points and ATL has a ravaged secondary. Ben Watson put up 5 for 70 vs ATL last week.

As for the Baker trade there is some unknown’s on how Njoku is going to be used. I pulled some stats from 2017 Oklahoma and noticed that his leading receiver was Mark Andrews his tight end with 68 catches and over 1k yards. Mark was drafted by Baltimore in the 4th round. I think it reasonable to believe that this trend could continue.

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Thank you for the dig into that offer. I am A Browns fan and the chance to use Mayfield is exciting. I lost him on my FAAB so I am trying to make up for that. But also trying to not just be a homer😉