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TE to target in deep league


1/2 PPR

Looking for a TE to replace Graham this week if he’s out and perhaps longer if Seattle’s pass game continues to struggle.

It’s a deep league with 12 teams and 7 bench spots. Only guys I’m looking at on the waivers are…

  • ASJ, not a big fan of the Jets but they are desperate for play makers and he could get volume.
  • Zach Miller, the 15 targets thru 2 weeks easily leads the available TEs and in a game where they should be trailing vs PITT I’m tempted to take this option.
  • Ben Watson, he’s old but they’ve been targeting (9 thru 2 weeks) him and Flacco does like the TEs. Not a fan of the matchup vs JAX though.

Beyond this it’s a barren wasteland with guys like Njoku, Virgil Green, R. Rodgers, etc… any thoughts on these options??


Go with the guy that is getting the looks/targets and thats Miller. He has the best chance to not give you a goose egg and would be the guy I’d take the flyer on.


depends on if you want to stream, or replace for a few weeks. if you are looking to replace until graham gets back, go miller. consistant targets are what you want, and they are what you will get. if you need that boom upside for a week, ASJ is the choice for me. of the three, i believe he has the best chance to put up a 0. but, being the only big target in town, if they get to the redzone, he will get all the targets. personally, i go miller either way. i LOVE consistency, and hoping for a boom almost always fails.


thanks for the replies. yeah I agree that hoping for a boom from a guy like ASJ is probably a mistake, and I really only need consistency from this position since the rest of my roster is comparatively pretty strong. miller it is!