TE topic - Streaming options: Drop Vance for Hooper?

I had Delanie Walker(OUT), then I got Evan Engram(OUT) and then I got OJ Howard (OUT). Now I have kept Howard sitting on my bench so that he can get back to full health for ROS.

But for now I need a week to week option for the next couple weeks, I picked up Vance last week and he shat the bed for me this week, very disappointed. I’m wondering if I should drop him for Austin Hooper since the Falcons are playing TB next week…thoughts? Vance is playing against the Bengals next…

Where is Evan Engram now? He reportedly has a chance to play as early as this Thursday.

Agree with @falcones404 Engram is the one i would hold not Howard. With Jamies back, he has a track record with Brate who he loves throwing to especially in the redzone or endzone.

Howard will be competing for targets with Brate as well as Evans, Djax, Godwin and Humphries he will be very boom/bust with a much higher bust chance going forward in my view.

You current issue, yes i would grab Hooper over Vance as a patch for maybe 1 to 2 weeks until Engram is back and you have a chance to see him play on that knee.

A guy already has him and Ebron. Reckon I should package a trade? Or just pick up Hooper

Isn’t Engram already full speed practicing? Will be returning either this week or the next.

Hooper isn’t a horrible 1 week plug and stream though.

@MikeMeUpp so you had an interesting take on this. Because I HAD Brate because of his connection with Winston, but you insisted that Howard would be better ROS.
Could you elaborate here? @James89 makes a good case that Howard will be competing for targets with all the other targets too.

Which TE should I go for ROS??

In preseason Howard was getting the majority of the snaps over Brate. Last season that wasn’t the case. As long as Howard is healthy and playing his full amount of snaps he is the one to own. Brate still have a chance but I think he would be touchdown dependent and sometimes when you are streaming tes thats all you can ask for certain weeks.

Hooper I think should be good against the Bucs this next week so thats not a bad option.

I’m curious to know where u all think Njoku stacks up in this. 11 targets last game and pretty good matchups coming up.

Yeah so I think the debate of Brate and Howard, I go with the talent. Yes brate definitely did have a connection with Winston but honestly, so did Howard. It’s just a function of Winston loving TEs in general. And this year compared to last year, Howard is outsnapping brate like 70/30. It’s his 2nd year in the offense which he has had a tonne of time to learn. Howard is a weapon all over the field rather than just in the endzone. They are lining him up in the slot and out wide even a lot so he is running way more routes this year compared to last year.

And in the NFL, talent wins out. Howard was the most talented TE of his class and he is proving it now. He can block (means he never leaves the field and also defenders never know what he is going to do, kind of like gronk), he can catch a short pass and take it to the house (I can’t think of any other TE in the league outside of engram who can do that), he can win jump balls, catch over middle, catch outside the numbers and catch TDs in red zone. Dude is just a beast. Compared to him, Brate is just a guy.

It’s a risk but personally, I already made my bet with Howard so I’m going with him ROS once he returns. I’ll eat crow later if I’m wrong. on that.

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Love Njoku ROS. He was one of my late round TE targets. My TE drafting strategy this year was Gronk or bust and it was Kittle/Njoku as my late round targets. Now that baker is in, I love Njoku. They are building a connection and if njoku figures out the drops, will be way better. Also, Njoku is arguably their top redzone weapons. Browns haven’t had many red zone opportunities cause they either score from way for out or don’t make it in but over the next few weeks, their matchups are juicy AF and i fully expect baker to take them to the redzone where Njoku will be featured.

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What if I pick up Brate now, start him until Howard is back…good option?

Yeah I think we discussed this earlier. That is a fine option.

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