TE Trade Help

So my TE luck is the worst. I had Charles Clay and I’ve been streaming with minimal help. I now just lost Zach Miller. Another team approached me asking for one of my three RBs- M Ingram, K Hunt, and T Gurley. He has K Rudolph and E Engram (NYG). Is there a way I can trade any of these guys just one for one, say Ingram? Any help would be awesome!!

Those 3 RBs are all top 10 RBs ROS, and Hunt/Gurley are top 3. I wouldn’t even think about giving up Ingram for one of those guys straight up, that would be crazy. If you could get something like Engram/RB2 ish (Miller,Martin,Ajayi, or something like that) for Mark Ingram that might be an okay trade.