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TE trade question


I have Doyle & Hooper on my roster. I’m looking to upgrade, the guy who has Witten & Ertz could deal one away. Just putting feelers out, he asked for 1 of my RBs (Hunt, Gurley, Ajayi) for Crowell & Witten. I was high on Crowell before the season but he’s been terrible so far and my 3 have been lights out so I’m not looking to deal 1 of them to upgrade my TE (clearly I don’t value it at the draft all that much). Other than them 3, I have:

AJ Green
R. Matthews
C. Carson

Was hoping for some thoughts on a potential package to get Witten or if I even need to be worrying about upgrading my TE at this point.


Do not give up any of those RBs for Jason friggin Witten. You have 3 stud RBs, roll them + flex one every week. Stream a waiver TE or wait for Chris Carson to get another 20 carry game then ship him off for a TE of your choice - Kelce is a great choice with Alex Smith doing well.

Or if you are fixated on getting a trade TE, get some WR depth instead of another RB or bolster the trade to consolidate your many WR options into one elite WR. Hunt, Gurley are higher then the moon right now. Trade Ajayi for a hi valued WR (maybe snag a Julio Jones from someone hurting from RB injuries).


@jking7103 is 100% right


Yea I told him I wasn’t trading any of those 3 for a TE and he said there was nobody else he really wanted but then asked for a counter offer so I was trying to think of something but I’m ok with going with Doyle even with Brisett and hoping Luck gets back soon.