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TE Trio Trouble


Rudolph, Engram or Brate – I’ve been holding Rudolph for weeks and not sure if I want to give up yet. thoughts?


Let’s play keep, trade, cut! Keep Engram, Trade Rudolph is possible and cut Brate.


Really like that. See if you can trade Rudolph in a package to get an RB or WR that’ll improve your roster. Brate is also good and definitely not a bad tight end to cut, but out of these 3, the one to cut.


Thanks - Brate is on waivers and I like him this week – picked Engram up and you maybe just gave me an idea with Rudolph

the guy im playing has a TON of byes this week - which trade is best (i need him to actually accept too)

Brees - he might be dropping him to pick up a waiver QB and rn Kizer would be his best option. I also have Eli and Mariota so I could do some sort of package

Ingram - on a bye and hes gonna have to move someone

broncos D - on a bye, and i would love to have them agains CLE when my SEA D goes on a bye

Coleman - Also might drop due to bye (he only has ajayi besides ingram and coleman LOL)

Kupp- dropable for his situation and i would like that

JJ Nelson - dropable in his situation as well

Moncrief - dropable maybe but less than the others

he is probably going to drop Denver so I’m eyeing them for a waiver pickup sunday once I decide between Eli and Marcus.

Rudolph for Kupp is my preference what do you think?


Engram all the way. Like Mike says he doesn’t want a TE that knows how to block. Because blocking doesn’t give fantasy points. plus the Giants offense can run for crap. so more pass opportunities. Rudolph is an easy drop imo.


That’s tough with so many drop-able options for him. Are there others with TE issues?


Just taking advantage of his Reed bye week, he has a bye for qb, D, and TE and no backups in any positions, and only 1 rb playing this week.


yeah that’s prime picking for a trade. I’d try the Kupp/Moncrief trade for Rudolph.

Don’t drop a TE till you know if they’ll bite or not.


Idk why you have 3 TEs. Start Engram and try and trade the other two. Drop them if you can’t and pick up a flyer at RB


I have two - Brate is available and I considered swapping one out for him - think he might have a good thursday


I had Rudolph several weeks ago but was able to trade him to a sucker who gave me Golden Tate…at this point I think I would take Brate over Rudolph. But I would wait until Rudolph shows any signs of life and trade him immediately for whatever you can get.