TE troubles, Greg Olsen worth a shot?

Team that had Olsen dropped him today. I have have struggled with Clay and ASJ the last few weeks. Worth adding Olsen with the chance he plays next week? Or better to stream (TE that plays NYG or DEN), though knowing ASJ plays DEN next week.

I’d keep ASJ. Olsen is a risky play considering his foot issue. 50/50 on whether he comes back and gets into the mix again to actually stay in it.

I have Olsen and am thinking of dropping him to pick up Brate or Burton (Ertz is out). I’d keep ASJ over Olsen. Before Olsen broke his foot, he played two games and had 3 points total.

The Fantasy Footballers made a great point about this in their podcast. They are keeping Olsen off of turf, and well if they have to keep a player off of turf, they should probably keep him off of real grass too, lol.

I’m playing Brate this week because Ertz went down. DET is very bad against tight-ends and i know Winston loves throwing to him in the end-zone which is where DET is very vulnerable against TEs . To me its the perfect matchup. Not saying it will pan out that way but the chances look really good. My only concern is Peyton Barber looks really good and may get some goal-line carries.