TE troubles please help

Who’s should I pick up for TE? I currently have njoku

Jeff heuerman

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I have Doyle already, but IDK how great I feel about that now since Ebron gets all the TD’s… Maybe Heuerman because they should be chasing points? RSJ is playing Oakland, but won’t this game be more of a DJ run the ball day? Let’s see what others say…

I’d say Doyle and hope that Ebron’s last weekend was an anomaly

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Doyle is my choice and my Kittle replacement this week


No kidding! That’s my same situation! Kittle on bye and Baby-Hands is in the game!


Doyle all the way. What he lacks in redzone targets he will make up for in targets and catches. He is working his way back from injury. Roll doyle

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How about reed or Watson would you have any of those two above doyle?

Just nervous about ebron and I want to chose a TE I can play for the rest of the season

Does burton have a higher upside as sole TE compared to Doyle/Ebron gamble?

Yes. Burton > ebron/doyle gamble

I mean any of those 3 are a toss up. If you have reed watson or doyle you are in the 2nd tier. You wont be getting top tier points but they shouldnt get you 0 either

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I know everyone is saying they’re worried about Doyle…but he played 48 snaps to Ebron’s 21 last week. It was definitely an anomaly for Ebron. Playing alongside a quarterback that relies heavily upon his te’s, Doyle will absolutely be fine and more consistent than Burton IMO.

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Yes agree
would you keep Njoku for the rest of the season then and just add doyle or Watson for the one week bye? As they are not top level TEs

I could drop Carson for doyle and keep njoku

Awesome thanks man. I’m starting Doyle and have Burton in my bench. Considering njoku>burton on bench what do guys think?

I’d lean Burton there. Give me a piece of the better offense in the Bears.

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Watson is interesting, and Philly’s secondary is pretty terrible and banged up.

Doyle was a yard away from a TD too. Which was subsequently stolen by Alie-Cox

Mild highjack: My opponent this week only has Kittle and Doyle is on waivers. I have Burton and OJ but am going to make a claim for Doyle to block my opponent from having him. We have comparable FAB ($44-46) remaining. How much would you bid to steal Doyle?

I don’t like him ROS as much as I did before this past week though. Colts are clearly doing a Ravens thing here with their multi TE sets and attempting to fool defenses by mixing it up consistently at the position. In super close games that are coming down to the wire, esp on the road I’d say, Doyle will prob see a much higher share of targets if I had to bet. He’s a mediocre floor moderate upside guy ros. No Ebron 3TD game in the cards.

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You could now add cameron brate for reat of season as well. Just saying if you are still having te issues.