TE troubles. Who do I start?

Last week I started oj Howard and sat delanie walker which left me with lots of points on the bench and none on the field. Now I’ve got week 1 haunting me and I cant decide who to start. Thoughts?

Start OJ Howard rams exploited the Panthers Defense with their Tight Ends

OJ, i dont expect many duds from him this year, and i dont see delanie getting 2 TDs a week hardly again.

dont tilt yet, eaaaarly in the season. Michel didnt do anything last week for fantasy, im still starting him in two leagues this week.

I didn’t know 4 rec 20 yards and a TD was “exploiting” the defence

@mjimenez lol sorry maybe exploit isn’t the word I should of used but TEs got about 15% of Goff’s targets which is usually a lot lower for the rams but Winston will normally throw 8-10 targets to his TEs. So I believe Howard will have a better performance then Walker will

I agree. Howard is prime for a bounce back game and walker is not going to have that kind of game every time.