TE Upgrade - Full PPR Trade Prospects

Hello all, back to the message boards! Just started a 12-team home league on Yahoo that’s full PPR with points for QB completions, rushing attempts, first downs, long plays/TD’s, yardage bonus, and an extra flex instead of a kicker.

Messed up and took OBJ over Juju with the second round snake pick after JJ, but you never know…

Need a TE, and because of noobs auto-drafting and not understanding the platform people have some whack team issues, but that’s not my problem.


QB: Jackson, Cam
WR: JJ, OBJ, J Gordon, AJ Green
RB: Montgomery, Carson, Coleman, J. White, M. Sanders, Singletary, Davis, Dare Ogun
DST: Baltimore
TE: Dissley

Footclan, should I just try to find “JAG” bottom of the barrel streamers weekly and hold out for Herndon in week 6? I wanted to trade for maybe OJ Howard to a person that has Kamara, Mack, and Ronald Jones for RB’s, and start with possibly offering Coleman straight up because despite today’s news, Breida is an injury risk. Would I be selling them short and trying to “trade screw” the noob Howard owner, that also from some reason has Ebron, Burton, and Reed? The best option on the waiver wire is Everett and maybe Geoff Swaim is a flyer as Foles loves the TE…

Would a reasonable trade be Cam and Coleman for Godwin (to the Breida owner), or am I overpaying? Would Coleman for Godwin or Singeltary for Godwin or AJ for Godwin be better?

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I missed out on the top tier guys and am taking a chance on Waller. But I mean throw the trade out for Howard, ya never know guy might think he needs more RB depth.

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Waller and Andrews were both taken right before I could draft them in the 15th and 16th rounds lol. IDK, kind of odd how everyone save 2 people are hoarding QB’s and RB’s… Auto draft killed a couple people… Legit all top 24 TE are gone…

BUMPING this back up