TE Upgrade Trade Advice

12 team, Full PPR - Start QB, 2RB, 2WR, Flex K, DST & 6 Bench. Roster Below.

Feel pretty good about this team but need to upgrade at TE in a big way. Engram owner is very weak at RB, has Mark Andrews and Engram. Would you trade Ekeler plus to try for Engram, if not what else would you think is fair? Two for one is fine, I can grab Justin Jackson, Breida, or Justice Hill from the FA pool.

QB - Matt Ryan
RB’s - Kamara, Montgomery, Jacobs, Ekeler, Darwin Thompson
WR’s - Thielen, Allen, Kirk, Samuel, Robbie Anderson, Allison
TE - Burton (Had to punt)
K - Badgley
DST - Cowboys (Stream)

What’s up James89! Long time!!

Why don’t you go Christian Kirk for Mark Andrews straight up.
OH! You said he’s weak at RB. I feel like Ekeler for Engram is pretty decent enough but if you have to bundle why don’t you go Allison? I don’t know why but I’m really starting to get a bad feeling about AZ and that whole squad and I’m not sure I want to hold on to Kirk anymore…so maybe Ekeler and Kirk at your best offer for Engram.

Hey long time indeed! Been super busy at work so not on much anymore - but still need the clan advice when I can!

True enough and he’s actually mulling over giving me Woods and Andrews for Burton, Ekeler and Anderson. I know that’s high but Woods would give me a set of three rock solid WRs.

Andrews I actually like a lot and I could grab Jackson from waivers who I think gets just as much value with Gordon out. I’d drop Kirk then for either Justice Hill or Breida.

I’d have more than enough depth, plus with the Ravens early schedule Andrews plus one of my depth RB or WRs that hit could net me a higher end TE in a few weeks?

I’ll wait for his counter and if the price is too high for Woods, who would be a luxury for me I’ll go back with something like you mentioned for Engram and fill from waivers

Oh you know Woods is gonna get his. So you’d have Woods, Thielen, Allen, Kirk, Samuel and Allison? Jeeeeez. When would you even get a chance to play anyone else after Thielen, Woods and Allen? Almost reminds me one year I had Hopkins, AJ Green and Tyreek. I never took those guys out. Obviously

I definitely like the play for Andrews better. Just the Woods counter has me all in on that deal.

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Exactly I’d start Allen, Thielen and Woods in the Flex. Kamara, David Montgomery at RB, wirh Andrews at TE and Ryan at QB… full PPR that set gives me a good feeling for my home league three peat attempt.

Bench WRs of Allison and Samuel, bench RBs Darwin Thomson, Justin Jackson, Jacobs and either Justice Hill or Breida. Use them as trade chips later in season

OOOOOOH that sounds nasty!

Got Engram, 2 bench spots to fill will likely add Justin Jackson and Bredia.

Now I look like:
QB - Ryan
RB’s - Kamara, Montgomery, Jacobs, Jackson, Bredia
WR’s - Allen, Thielen, Kirk, Samuels, Allison
TE - Engram
K - Badgley
DST - Cowboys (Stream)

Feel pretty good now with TE sured up. Hoping Allison offers safety at WR and Kirk and/or Samuels break out to add depth. RB I’m pretty happy either way. Paid up for Engram but not looking to mess around at TE all year

Congratulations! That’s awesome. That 3peat road is starting to pave itself!

How in the world does your league not draft Breida??

Thanks for the push yesterday. I got Montgomery. I gave up Kirk and Penny for him. I did manage to get Lutz(kicker) since I needed one. Ha- which I know I could just stream but whatevs.

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…oops, sorry- forgot I already mentioned it.

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No idea I missed him too, but I had so much depth I needed a TE stream and DST at that stage.

A good 70% of my home league, always draft 2 QBs, 2TEs and sometimes 2 DSTs (!) despite dropping them by week 2 every year. So the late round value is insane. I e tried to educate a bit more this year maybe next year they’ll se the sense!

Lutz is a great K pick up, more than enough done games and in a top offense. Set it and forget it with him