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TE upgrade trade


Get: Kittle or Njoku and Jordy
Give: Juju

It’s a 2 WR 2 Flex full PPR league. I have K. Allen, T.Y., Kupp, Boyd, and Watkins at WR. I haven’t had any luck picking TE’s this year. My team is 4-3, but those were 4 lucky wins and I’m on a 3 game losing streak. I’m getting worried.

Any input is appreciated


Take it and run. If you can, swing Njoku + Jordy and keep kittle. But if not, kittle is fine too.


I’m getting NJoku and Jordy and trading away JuJu


Then no, that’s bad.


Hold on to Juju. Unless you have terrible depth and the waiver is dry, my golden fantasy rule is whoever is getting the higher quality vs quantity in a trade wins. So 2 lesser players for 1 greater player = win for 1 greater player.