TE upgrade trade

Get: Kittle or Njoku and Jordy
Give: Juju

It’s a 2 WR 2 Flex full PPR league. I have K. Allen, T.Y., Kupp, Boyd, and Watkins at WR. I haven’t had any luck picking TE’s this year. My team is 4-3, but those were 4 lucky wins and I’m on a 3 game losing streak. I’m getting worried.

Any input is appreciated

Take it and run. If you can, swing Njoku + Jordy and keep kittle. But if not, kittle is fine too.

I’m getting NJoku and Jordy and trading away JuJu

Then no, that’s bad.

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Hold on to Juju. Unless you have terrible depth and the waiver is dry, my golden fantasy rule is whoever is getting the higher quality vs quantity in a trade wins. So 2 lesser players for 1 greater player = win for 1 greater player.

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