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TE waiver help- Engram owner

Got a lot of big players on bye this week…tried to put together a decent team then Engram is ruled out with the foot.

So I’m looking at Jonnu Smith or Mike Gesicki…yikes. Jonnu May have upside if the Chiefs score early and often, but Gesicki had a great week last week and the reports out of Mia are attributing it to his change of attitude, practicing better, working harder, etc. Fitz states he’s a reliable teammate now.?

Any thoughts on these two as a fill in for Engram this week?

I like geseki. Williams is out so he’s likely number two option with Parker. Tennessee is still in question if they have a number one or two option. I also think I saw he’s ran the second most routes in the team.


Agree with @plem Gesicki is the one for me. Also an Engram owner, trying to swing a 2 for 1 to open up a slot for a fill In now


I picked up Gesicki. But it looks like my streamer at QB Brissett won’t play so I’m looking at Tannehill to stream this week.

With that in mind would it make more sense to pick up J Smith to pair with Ryan or is Gesicki still the play this week?

I personally don’t subscribe to stacks unless you think it will score lots. In this situation if you prefer Gesicki and Tannehill in isolation go with them.

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^thank you^

I don’t prefer them, Engram is out and Watson is on a bye.

I had picked up Brissett with the Mia matchup to cover Watson’s bye but he seems like he’s out so Tannehill was an option and the TE pick ups are just because Engram is our.

Any other help ideas would be appreciated

I’m in the same boat but in addition to Gesicki I have rudolph and OJ Howard on waivers .

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Those guys are on mine too. Not looking ROS yet so it’s just this week for now. Both guys have potential upsides