TE Waiver/Start Question

I currently own Trey Burton, but in my stream last week- I scooped up and thankfully played Austin Hooper.

My question is, given his great game- should I continue to hold onto him?

I’m considering dropping Hooper and picking up Cameron Brate who I feel has a better week-to-week chance of production as long as OJ Howard is out. I’m thinking of even starting Brate over Burton this week.

Or should I just roll with Trey Burton and only carry 1 TE.


Carry just one TE in my view, Burton is an every week guy and past the bye early is a bonus.

Is there anyone in your league who is in dire need of a TE that you could trade Hooper maybe in a package to get a RB/WR back? I’d explore that, TE is such a wasteland this year lots of guys are hurting and would like a fix at the position