Te waivers

I gave godert and njoku. I picked up njoku weeks ago for this week but my confidence is shaken. Do I stop njoku for higbee or oj? I can’t trust the rams or oj right??

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Higbee, Njoku, and OJ are all though to trust. It is entirely reasonable to play the more sure thing, Goedert, even though he is a very low-end option (but with upside). My model has him projected to be the TE20 this week, but he will almost certainly give you some production.

That said, unless you are projected to soundly beat your opponent this week, I agree with @AndyHolloway when he said on the show yesterday that he’s not going for 2-4 “safe” points, he would rather get someone that has a chance to be a difference-maker and “win the position” for him each week. So barring a good top-10 option, I would seriously consider adding any of the three you listed. Howard and Higbee are all projected as relatively poor plays in my model (Higbee projects similar to Everett), but there is a logical narrative for both that they could see significantly incrased usage over the season-long numbers my model is based on. Njoku is the opposite, he is projected to be the TE5 this week, but it is based on an extremely small sample size of data on his usage and requires faith that Cleveland will incorporate him into the game plan at a meaningful level.

Since you have to decide today for waivers, I would go for either Njoku or Howard who are not relying on an injury to get the start, then make my final decision on game-day based on any news coming out during the week about their potential usage, but leaning toward going for the bigger upside. That said, the Ballers have Higbee projected to be the better option of the three, but my guess is they’ve made an assumption there on the injury status of Everrett for now. Still I think Higbee is also a reasonable choice here.

My TE model is below for reference. Hope that helps. Good luck!

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