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TE Wasteland Help!

Who do I start this week in 0.5ppr?

Hockenson @ packers (assuming he plays)
Walker @ broncos
Oj Howard vs. Panthers


You should cut O.J. Howard and put him on your Do Not Draft List for 2020.

I’d play Walker.

On a snap decision, hypothetically full go, I’d say the Hock. Stafford was looking for him. It’s a pretty dynamic offense. Should be a fun game.
But in real life, there’s more to consider here.
It’s Monday night, he may be limited, he may not play.
I’m a Delaney fan. SF has a knack for finding great TEs and Delaney blossomed when he went to TEN. But he has some injury history, and the TEN offense isn’t intimidating.
You’d like to think Arians would remove his head from his rear end and utilize the high draft stud muffin TE he has in the Juice. Especially with the offensive graveyard aka London.

@jpnike8 I was drinking the koolade. I cut the Juice loose 2 weeks ago. So sad, but good riddance

I’m getting worried about Walker as a Titans fan and Walker owner. He has been missing practice due to a knee injury and his snaps have been way down. I ended up spending $12 FAAB this week to grab Gerald Everett so I can get Delanie out of there.

That said, he still may be your best bet

Yeah, I actually dropped Howard as well, and managed to snag both Engram (draft) and Waller (waivers), but both annoyingly are not available this week.

Which leads to me this dumb predicament. I currently have Walker, just wondering if Hockenson or Howard on waivers are better streamers for the week.

@robert_dingman I snapped up Everett too. Im starting Disley but the volume is too delicious. Plus I don’t want someone else to have him. You ever see the movie “There Will be Blood”? Great quote: " …I have a competition in me; I want no one else to succeed…" :smile::sweat_smile::joy::rofl:
Perfect “Art of War” for fantasy

My opinion, all 3 are boom or bust this week. Another weeks rest I’d say Hock no question, but Walker may be your safest play. If you can risk it for upside go Hock