Team Advice? Jones for TY?

I have 3 leagues. All 3-1 but cant get too comfortable right?
I just want a little more insight on my teams.
Team 1:
Starters: Goff, Evans, Mike Williams, Ingram, DJ, Waller, Chubb,Gould, Tenn D.
Bench: DeMarcus Rob, McLaurin, Hardman, Miles Sanders, Pollard, Samuels
I feel real comfortable with this team. I kind of want to drop a WR for a RB. Hardman? Wilson, Ito, Chase Edmonds(handcuff DJ). Any trade targets I could get to upgrade my WR2?

Team 2:
Starters: Goff, Lockett, Jeffery, Jones, Gurley, Walker, Chubb, Slye, NE D.
Bench: Kirk, Moore, Robinson, Singletary and Brissett.
I like this team but my WRs aren’t great. I want to package Jones and Lockett or another WR to get a WR1. Maybe get TY cheap to pair him up with Brissett. Jones for TY? Should I start Brissett over Goff?