Team after 4 trades. What else can I do Please!

Hi everyone,

My team has changed drastically and was hoping people could give me some insight into additional moves I could make in my 14 man standard league

QB: Dalton/Smith
RB: Zeke
RB: Lesean Mccoy
WR: Antonio Brown
WR: Keenan Allen
TE: Evan Engram/ Streamer TE
D/ST: Rams
K: Gostkowski
Theo Riddick
Devin Funchess
Rod Smith
Chris Ivory

Thanks in advance!

I would try to move one of your QBs for some RB depth. I like it as a whole; Brown and Allen will both end the season as top WRs and Zeke is a stud, point blank period. Shady gives me a little concern though, so I think an RB would be a lot more valuable to your team than a backup QB

Good thinking. There are some teams that need QBS. I will push for a flex worthy RB and throw in riddick. Is that smart?

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Royce freeman for Alex smith and riddick…smart?

i think in part it depends on both your teams, but it isnt a bad deal. I’m not too sure if im sold on Freeman in that timeshare (personally I’d rather have Lindsay, especially in ppr). I usually try to push the value of my own players on the high side and let the person I am working with take it down a bit. Maybe someone like Coleman or Howard if his owner is panicking.

Tevin Coleman or Jordan Howard??

Jordan Howard > Coleman
especially in standard league…

He is off to a slow start this season, but he will get it going

No yeah I completely agree but I do not think anyone would accept Riddick and Smith for Howard in their right mind haha

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Aim high lol if you get sent back you get sent back, but if you could snag some value might as well try. Plus if you start on the lower end in negotiations, thats what your opponent will value your players at, minus their own biases. Start at the higher tiers and work down; you’ll usually get a better return on investment than trying straight across the board in value

were you thinking I trade away mccoy and smith for howard? the howard owner is super stubborn and has brady so not sure he will do that

I like that trade, but if they already have brady it may be a tough sell. A lot of this is roster dependent, so I would try to target the people who are hurting at QB and start ranking their RBs to see if any jump out at you as a potential value

If Freeman is the best you can get, go for it. He is still a much more valuable asset to your team than smith and riddick (unless Kerryon and or Blunt go down). I would just test the waters for some higher upside guys first