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Team Eval: 12 Team PPR


Alrighty fellas. I’m curious on your thoughts. I drafted in the 6 spot and ended up with some guys I don’t normally draft because of when they fell to me. League is a full PPR with 2 RB’s, 2 WR’s and a flex. What do you see as potential problems or areas of strength?

Good luck on your drafts!

QB- Mariota
RB- J. Howard
RB- I. Crowell
WR- T. Hill
TE- T. Eifert
FLEX- D. Cook
DEF- Jags
K- C. Santos
Bench- M. Forte
Bench- A. Kamara
Bench- R. Burkhead
Bench- T. Cohen
Bench- S. Diggs
Bench- J. Maclin
Bench- K. Britt


This is a tough call. There are a lot of question marks on this roster (Howard, Crow, OBJ’s ankle, is Hill worthy of the hype, Eifert’s everything, Vikings line, Cook’s role, Kamara’s role, is Forte still an NFL RB), but if enough of them break right, it could be really good.