Team evaluation 28-3

(Those not seen of note are Tyler boyd, josh Gordon, Leonard fournette, and le’veon Bell)
Thinking about trading fournette and green for brown. Thoughts?

I was about to say it’d be a great trade but then I looked at the schedule going forward:
The Bengals have some great matchups for AJ Green going forward.
Brown is pretty matchup proof but has a lot tougher defenses coming up and could be limited.

Alright that’s good to know… I’m not the best at predicting matchups so thanks for that! I’m mosfly trying to trade up two of my starters for a star, because if you do the math not all of my starters can fit on my team (once bell comes back) so it feels like a waste come playoff time. Let me know if you’ve got any suggestions!

Here’s a thought:
Look at whoever has James Conner on their bench.
See if they have a star.

Trade Bell to them. I know he is also a star but they may be willing to buy him real high… You will still have a great balance on RBs and could receive a great WR.
I highly doubt he will end up in a committee with Conner–but there is a possibility for the teams locker room morale.

That’s fair… I actually just traded Conner, I know that most experts were advising bell owners against it, but I thought if I could get a RB1-2 for him id have a surefire starter for the rest of the season, not just a couple weeks. (Trades him and cooper for mixon)

That was a great move.
Now maybe you could get a superstar from the same person at WR (if they have one) for Bell?
They leave real happy having Conner as a rental and then Bell for rest-of-season.
Just has to be a high enough value for you to leave the trade table equally as happy.

That’s true… didn’t think about that! I’m not sure he’s got another star left big enough for bell but I’ll check. In the case that that doesn’t work is there a pair of players besides green and fournette you’d rather trade in the coming weeks?

He’s got Beckham and Hopkins… thoughts?

I’d ask some other people too (c’mon #footclan!) But I really really am under valuing OBJ right now.
His attitude on/off the field has me worried. Even as a top tier talent I think he’s sabotaging some of his workload by being a diva.
And Hopkins… Well Hopkins is in Houston.

Maybe a OBJ+another piece? That’s asking a lot but a lot of OBJ owners are probably pretty low on him too. He’s had some bad production weeks.

That’s my view too. I reached out to him to see what he thinks, but I’ll probably casually shop him the next 2 weeks to compare offers. Thanks so much man! If you ever need another person for a league feel free to reach out! Im always active and try way too hard!:joy:

Oh, and not that this changes a lot, but I also have Mark Ingram.

Trying hard is what makes it fun!
I joined this forum just to stop bugging my wife… She could care less.

We can’t know the Ingram landscape yet but from the podcasts I listen to everyone is still convinced that Ingram AND Kamara can still be both RB1’s. So I stand by the shop Le’Veon Bell with the fact that he’s a big name with a huge amount of uncertainty.
Do it before he’s back on the field.
Make sure you get something that earns you points even if you lose points not having him.
You have Ingram you can plug in, and a good RB landscape otherwise.

If you want to keep Bell… You can get something good for Mixon. And you still have Ingram to plug in if he is doing great. But Mixon isn’t as big of a name to get that (position)#1 status in return.

Totally agree with you on all of it, it’s just tough for me to trade before I see what I’ve got. It’ll likely be the best time to trade him, I totally get it, It’s just tough…
And I joined for the same reason… love this stuff but I can’t keep bugging my girlfriend (even though I actually convinced her to join me in a league this year, love her to death for it)

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