Team Evaluation

I do not do this very often, But I feel pretty proud of my team I drafted this afternoon. It is a 9 Team (i know, who does 9 teamer. We lost a couple guys and could not find enough to fill at least a 10 teamer)

I had the 4th Pick

0.5 PPR - 6pt QB Throwing TD
5 pt bonus for 100 Total yards for RB/WR/TE and 300 Total yards for QBs.
2 pt bonus for RB catching /throwing TD or WR rushing/Throwing TD or QB rushing/catching a TD (so Mariotas passing/receiving TD that was deflected back at him last year was worth 14 pts.

QB: Cousins, Luck
RB: Bell, D. Freeman, R. Freeman, Lynch, Penny
WR: Cooks, Hilton, Hogan, M. Thomas, Goodwin
TE: Trey Boo Boo
K: J. Elliott
Saints Def

Is it a 2 QB league?

If not i don’t like the idea of having 2 QB’s, maybe try and see what you can get for one?

I agree with you, it is not a 2 QB league. I normally do not have 2 QBs. I Grabbed Luck later, just in case he takes off. If both start off Hot I plan to Trade one of them. Also, when Injuries occur I will look to trade to a QB desperate team.

Thanks for the Thoughts.

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QB’s aside… Bell, Freeman, Lynch, fantastic

Hilton, Hogan, Thomas i love.

Had Cooks last year and he’s a bit boom bust but you’ve done well

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